Israel Museum - Jewish Art

Concept: Highlight the beauty of various objects presented in the exhibit and allow them to shine as unique, historical and religious artifacts.

Challenge: The lighting design was to give the illusion that these objects were floating in space. The combination of metal and sensitive fabrics provided additional challenges and would require a flexible lighting solution.

Solution: The RTLD lighting design was based on internal and external flexible tow systems that included elements such as internal LED light spots in the showcases, the ability to dim the lights in groups to reach the appropriate light level, multiple lenses, that can be changed according to the needs of the artifacts, and an external light track system that was hung from the ceiling and included changeable reflectors and lenses that can be easily changed on site. The location of each lighting track was designed to highlight any particular point without adding a glare to the display cases.






Israel , Jerusalem


Client: Israel Museum - Wing for Jewish Art and Life

Architect/Designer: Chanan Delanga - Delange Design, in collaboration with Israel Museum team

PHOTO: Elie Posner

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